• Rear Loader
  • Sideloader
  • Frontloader
  • Multi-chamber vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Special Solutions
  • K
    K is the perfect refuse collector for movement-restricted areas.
  • KGH
    For high capacity demands choose the KGH heavyweight
  • KG
    High quality & reliability coupled with low life cycle costs make the KG a refuse collector worth investing in.
  • It is the perfect choice where movement space is restricted but demands on reliability and durability are high.
  • The OM-2K is a very reliable and quick side loader with two chambers.
  • OM
    The automated side loader enables the driver/operator to pick up a bin that is up to 2,4 metres from the body, empty the bin into the hopper and place the bin back in position without leaving the cab.
  • The NTM front loader was designed for easy operation and a high degree of reliability.
  • Using the popular and durable KG as a basis, NTM designed a high capacity, 2-chamber rear loader.
  • NTM KGH-2B is a split body with two separate tailgates mainly designed for 3-axle chassis with a gross weight up to 26 tonnes.
  • The unique bin lift facilitates the lifting of four different types of waste in one lift.
  • The two separate packers eliminate the risk of the cross-contamination.
  • In order to load waste in a rational manner from waste bins¬†that open downwards.
  • The high pressure washing eqiupment is used for cleaning bins with fresh water when being emptied, which avoids dirt getting stuck on the bin and reduces smell.
  • NTM 7500 Crane is NTM's special solution for bottom-emptying containers.
  • The popular choice for food waste collection.
  • MAS-2K has been developed for transporting sorted glass. You can empty coloured and clear glass in the same vehicle without them getting mixed up.
  • FK
    The FK recycling module can be combined with almost any of our rear loaders.
  • MAS
    MAS has been developed with collection of waste with high liquid content specifically in mind.